Caught in the Middle

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."


When push comes to shove, push in the same direction

You know, in every instance I can think of so far, this is true and I don't know why. In 5 years I plan to get my skill cape and to have the same skin pigment as my ceiling. I mean the commmittee I got the reference, but barley Where does Japan's 400 year re-forestation plan fit in? In 2021 I will be 27, on the moon and eating as many lemon squares as I want.

you always overestimate what you can achieve in 1 year, but underestimate what you can do in 5 I plan to double grain exports! I am both amazed and frightened, hopeful and anxious at the thought that 2020 is pretty much just around the corner.

In 2020 I will have graduated, I will have participated and won many swimming medals. She in fact married me and now I'm so fucking happy I can't even express it. She and I have so much in common There's something to be said about putting your mind to something. In 2032, I will be 40, finally got laid with a girl I have not chosen yet and going on to the threesome. My roommates and I have a plan on making a small scale 2D dungeon crawler in our spare time. "In 2020 I will be financially stable, I will be happy. Pressing my thumbs so hard right now, if 2020 isn't going to be the best year for patiangthesismo, he is going to make ME unhappy.

It's very hard to keep a top spot which is why the diamond league meets are so fun to watch. The fact that she put the tweet out there for anyone to see shows how committed to the journey she was! Yeah, you want to aim for the road, rather than aiming to not hit that tree. And may you acquire what you desire 🙏 I got excited thinking the Olympics were coming up. Such a time never occurred—she took one extra semester to graduate, thus shifting her graduation to after the Olympics. By 2022, I will become a commercial airline pilot, be financially free, own a home, and have a family of my own. Wow she really did that c ok congrats girl Yea but did she turn 22 or not? My prediction: In 2022, i'll be sat on my couch eating a bag of doritios watching VR porn.

She didn't fight against any odds, she was already among the best by the time she was 18. My mind wasn't really focusing on the numbers per se, just the general "in the future" bit. You always avoid thinking about anything with a timescale of > 1 year away because it gives you severe anxiety* In 2020 I will no longer be broke. She kept the same profile picture for 5 years?.

Right Time travel game incredibly on point. If you get a small team going let me know You've got a deal my man.

I'm surprised that plan made it through the war effort intact. So she said she'd be graduated by the time she went to the olympics, but she hasn't yet. Must be an amazing feeling to graduate from an entire state.

but is she 22 though? I think he means they've accomplished their goals not that it's been 400 years. tons of people make it to D1 track and field in college and end up not doing shit.

I plan to sparrow genocides from protection! I plan to protect sparrows from genocide! I plan to be genocided by sparrows! I plan to protect genocide from sparrows! I plan to make genocidal sparrows! I plan a genocide on sparrows! I plan a sparrow on genocides! But I don't know when we decided that criticizing successful people was a better idea than getting motivated by them, citing research and statistics.

I wish the stigma attached to medicating in situations like that weren't so prevalent. flying cars and cyber noir.

here I come We are LIVING IN THE FUTURE!!! I use this quote IRL more than I probably should lol Same. In 2020 I'll be working for myself, having time to work on music for video games. And no, the point isn't to dream about jack shit, the point is to "Get Motivated. " You can pay him and he'll make a video of him saying anything you want. Quite the contrary, this is the one thing she's damn-near guaranteed to succeed at, which she knew when she wrote the first tweet. It still hasn't worked YET. Don't forget that happiness is just a state of mind. I can't do art or music but I can take care of the guts. In 2020 I will be a multi-millionare multiple business ventures.

Not even masturbating, just watching I'm thinking that 22 minutes past eight this evening applies just as much as the year in this case. That is, she predicted a time in which her graduation was in the past, and her trip to the olympics was in the future. They say the first people who will turn 150 are already born, it might be you! And you know what? Her being successful at the thing she was already successful at is not a motivational story, it's a "she stayed good at this" story. Damn, my tweets are like; "I'm gonna eat all of this food. " "You shall declare a thing, and it will be established for you. You did. And then later; "Omg, I ate too much food. " She said she would "have graduated and be going to the olympics.

" I was thinking more like "damn, that's not 80 years, but close to 60". And then it's so crazy cuz the bot will be reminding a dead person.

yeah I mean don't act like you weren't doing the same at that age. Sticking to your 5 year plan like a literal BOSS. Congrats on the achievement! "Please be Eva please be Eva please be Eva YES" I upvoted you.

Anyway I have had about 7 sick days since then without being ill. Thus, calling her an "underacheiver," even though she's achieved more than probably everyone reading this. 10 seconds In 2020, I hope to stop giving fucks about people who don't matter to me, love more, and be on a somewhat fulfilling path. Big deal, so she's extremely motivated, a world-class athlete, and apparently can see the future. In 2020, I will repost this and reap massive karma Repost It's not like she was a 350 lb drug addict when she wrote the first comment. So make the changes bitch, because I'll be kicking your ass to Timbuktu.

So a naturally talented person kept being successful as the thing they were talented in. As an aging female athlete who once had a sports medicine doc describe me as having "the hamstrings of a professional baseball player" I feel this. What does it mean to you to find a better job? I tried Googling but could not find anything about it. You could be good one year, then completely fall off the next year. She said nothing about graduating before going to the Olympics. Now think of where you will be in 5 or 6 years from now. I will also be able to do a back flip. Not if the database is wiped at any point in the next 63 years. This woman's walk is a testimony to the statement in Job 22:28.

I honest to goodness thought it was 6 years away. In the past she said that in 2016 she will have graduated. In the present she said she will have graduated in December 2016. This song has been stuck in my head all night at work thanks.

Nothing like the connected power of ones heart and brain working in conjunction. In no way is it motivating to the vast majority of people who didn't have colleges jumping over one another to give us a free six-figure education.

I worked for a year, monday to friday no day off.

I'm rooting for you rooting for him. I will be able to sleep fine every night.

And light will shine on all of your ways. " I will find a better job. I will have a better job.

" I will no longer be unhappy.

Note to self: if a world leader makes a 5 year plan, get the fuck away from him It's worked so well for China the past four five year plans. I can't wheat to hear about your progress.

I would love to learn more about it. It's not that deep I was just having a woah moment. However this was by running in the relay qualifications and not the final.

I'm rooting for ya buddy. She got her goals going well! So not quite 400 years but definitely a noticeable shift.

I genocide to protect plans from sparrows! Fuck. I thought I was the only one that caught that. Born May 1994, post in July 2016, she made it to 22! One of those "we are closer to 2030 than 2000" type moments. At what level of hyper-dimensional awareness do you consider the dev's mortality? I can plug in usb cords correctly the first try. I have only made that accomplishment once in my lifetime.

In 2011, Akinosun was already a national star track athlete. No one can That poor guy no longer has his hirable skill. Not only did she get to the Olympics, she won a gold. Sometimes chemical imbalances are impossible to overcome by positive thinking. I will have a girlfriend I wish I had the courage to proclaim something like that !RemindMe 2 Years 6 Months 1 Day 2020 is 2 and half years away, hoooooooly shit. I have EARS of CORN! I assure you it will not be as predictable. Oh my god I just saw 2020 and laughed like oh this guy is gunna have to wait a loooong time lmao, then I saw 2 years and my eyes went wide I know, right? It's finished and an overall success if anyone's wondering. I've lost all hope for the future after seeing this post. And my wife didn't leave me. The first result when I googled said that the Japanese moved to a sustainable use of trees around 1670, since a rising population and construction booms had led to too much deforestation. What a great role model you are to everyone! Eh shoots all the guns and doesn't afraid of climate change. Phrasing your goals positively changes the energy around it.

ing when you drive, that will help. Cough cough The strength within you Congratulations on the accomplishments!!! Congratulations on making the Olympic team, that alone is giant. One thing at a time, baby steps. Didnt feel I needed a day off. You have way too much confidence in bots. You've finally got a purpose in life, son. It may be as equally as wonderful or oppositely terrible. The wonderful adventure is you don't know. That's a dream/motivation/execution/determination/hard work/success all in 2 tweets. 20 years Are penis jokes still funny in the future? Well, she only got 2 out of 3. Nothing in that last tweet about turning 22! I'm glad it worked for you. And jesus holidays are actually superb. It'll take a while before we find our groove though. If someone's life is shit, I'd rather tell them to buck up and keep fighting instead of reassure them that its not their fault and they're exactly where they are. and feel the need to pick apart every little thing. still exists in 3 years I'll be checking. sounds like a pretty good school Hell yeah it is. Sometimes how you say things matter. Post Malone- Congratulations Nice upboat for you HOT ONES! CONGRATULATIONS brooo who is this lmaooo Bro that's Tyrone! I'm a coder.

That sounds like a great leap forward! That's actually totally reasonable for someone undertaking both college and Olympic training, but the joke was that contrary to OP's claim, she actually missed her target by taking that extra semester.

Best of luck and well wishes ✈️ Thank you. She went to my high school! I design game engines.

100000 years Now that should blow your mind, human race will possibly be extinct or unrecognizable but somewhere a bot has just stepped up to the plate to fulfill his destiny. Then the bot won't even remember you ever existed. He will find you and he will remind you. I could learn from her! You completely missed the point. By your logic, we should just completely give up. But kind of forgot what a vacation is. Feeling that strong emotion is a driving force! Sunshine, exercise and fresh air. Make that a triple-rooting please. Do you really mean 400 years? be ready to die for it. I'm not criticizing her, I'm criticizing the people who think so little about these posters that they swallow down whatever they say as they congratulate each other on how awesome they all are. Super human predicts super human life.

Don't forget to tweet about it in. .