Caught in the Middle

Welcome to my Ring

I was born in 1960, it was a cold winter day and the last of the leaves had just fallen off of the try in the front yard. I would spend the remainder of my childhood playing under that tree. Asking the same questions that I sometimes still ask myself today. Though I have long since found the answers that I needed. The truth is sometimes hard to bear. And the world can be a cold hard place if you aren't willing to stand up and take a stand.

I'm in the ring. And my mask is on. Though it is one that many find frightening it is one that fits me just like my own skin.

I'm in the ring and waiting

And So My Story Began

Inside my skin

When I was in my early twenties I stopped one day, there was a dress shop that had the most beautiful dresses in the window. It was then that I noticed my face reflecting in the glass. It was one filled with joy. Just looking at them made my heart happy. It wouldn't be for another decade before I would have the chance to try one on.

And So It Continues Today

Always on the inside looking out

It wasn't until I realized that I was always on the outside looking in that I realized things needed to change. That is when I began to explore who was really on the inside.

Who was the person looking out?

And what did she really want out of the life that she was given.

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