Caught in the Middle

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The Issue Problem

This is the first time I've been gendered correctly without telling someone and IT FELT SO GOOD. Seems like such a small thing, but it's good to be seen, ya know? I just wanted to share a small personal victory I feel you all could relate to. She's a photographer and offered to set up a small photoshoot to help her get back into the swing of things.

I don't even believe that trans women aren't women in the linguistic sense. You will occasionally hear pseudo science that black women have high testosterone in order to justify straight white men calling themselves women. Why does celebrating X = erasing or being discriminatory towards A, B, or C? I don't give a shit if they think they are "women" because they are not and never will be.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I see more white people using this term than people of color. A trans woman demanded I apologize to her or I'd be banned from the discussion. This is especially directed towards black women who are stereotypes as not really being female or being masculine. They don't make someone human, but having female biology is literally the basis for defining female. Even if they believe trans women are women , only 0. 3% of the population is trans, therefore up to 99. 8% of women would have vaginas.

Credit, Where Credit Is Due

I like to make sure women get credit for their speech but I'll make it anonymous if you want.

That's the fucked up catch-22 : you're damned if you stand up to this erasure, and you're erased if you don't. Because men don't want us to have anything of our own, including our complex reproductive system. You're not alone In some of the feminist circles I run in, I brought this topic up, and was subsequently called 'transphobic'.

I said women should be able to celebrate their anatomy.

Small Numbers

Granted, there was an estimated 175,000 people at the march I was at and I certainly did not glimpse everyone there. Please dear god someone explain because we all know I can't ask these questions or learn anywhere else. If you're MtT, why is celebrating women's anatomy bad? Yeah, I thought so too The black women I know of had issues with the Women's March for other reasons, but that was not one of them. The backlash from the women's marches yesterday has shown many trans activists and libfems complaining that the pussy symbolism and other celebrations of women's anatomy is "transphobic. " They don't want us to talk about ourselves, they don't want us to prioritize ourselves, they don't want us to remind MtTs that they're not women.

Notice that if a black man talks about police brutality, no one yells at him for not caring about women. But why is me and other women celebrating who we are exclusionary?! It's code for "oh shit, I can detect I'm losing my audience, better grab a new target to keep the Two Minutes Hate going.

" I hope this will help more libfems reach peak trans, but I'm not holding my breath. I hope young women are able to survive this backlash and use their voices to fight back. If you're FtT, can't you sympathize that ciswomen have to celebrate their own female bodies and experiences even if you don't identify with them? It is like if I walked around in public in blackface and claimed I was an African American.

They especially don't want us to have any pride or positive feelings about ourselves I've noticed this as well.

Especially on social media/Tumblr where 9 times out of 10 you don't know someone's age/race/sexuality. MISOGYNY. Here's the two arguments I've heard about the hats, and why they piss me off completely: A.

It's transphobic! why is this Rivera shit going on again with trans women of colour being cut off in the midst of us all noticing this? I think this is also a signal as to how isolated many transgender people and their allies are.

other trans women have said that excluding them from reproductive justice is transphobic bc trans women undergo forced sterilization in order to get their sex changed on documents. They are just as tired of having their sex erased as white radfems. Yep, it's fucked up and also ILLOGICAL. It does not make SENSE that a "transwoman" could be against women celebrating their female features or ANY part of their body. My generation and following generations are very active online and learn to form and seek information from online spaces.

Making Problems

Like damn, I'm mixed race did I buy those tampons for no reason ooor??? A proud female is viewed as an uppity female, and that seems to make males so itchy. Just like TERF is thrown at anyone who meets their idea of being transphobic, regardless of if they are a feminist or not. How DARE we do anything that isn't centered around the fragile quivering ladyfeelings of self-absorbed, delusional, narcissistic men. I see more white people using this term than people of color. Then b) unlearning decades of teaching to be "nice" and quiet and accommodating of males/other people is even harder.

When they dress in "women's clothes" and pretend they are women, they insult half the human race, and I vehemently object to it. I am 0% offended by women talking about the physical issues that affect them.

Women can never care about their issues, they have to care about everyone else's and do the work too. And I cringe so hard when I see women apologising for their "cissexism". Playing on the pussy grabs back slogan after Trump bragged about grabbing a woman's "pussy". Sometimes, with social media/online spaces, it feels like they are increasing everywhere and spreading their homophobia and misogyny.

They are not normally functioning human beings or else they would not butcher their bodies and try and threaten women with their gaslighting.

There's a clearly demonstrable threat to the sanctity of women's bodies sitting in the White House.

The Use of Negative Buzz Words

People pick up these negative buzzwords and overuse them to the point where they become meaningless. And I also throught it was a tongue in cheek thing about how girls are forced or coerced into buying pink everything from infancy through adulthood. I saw trans activists and libfems trying to argue that any mention of pussies in reference to Trump's disgusting quote is "cissexist" and "transmisogynistic. " Don't you agree that women's bodies should be honored and celebrated if you identify as a women and many trans surgeries exist to emulate those bodies?

The majority of women do share the experiences of dealing with menstruation, birth control, etc.

It reminds the FtT that they are women and the MtT that they are not. I know my automatic response when in an uncomfortable situation is still to smile and be agreeable to try and get away faster. If a man flirts with a woman and she turns him down, he may insult her and pretend like he wasn't interested anyway.

It'd be stupid and petty of me to pout anytime that conversation comes up in feminist spheres, just because it doesn't apply to me.

Why is it beyond these people to understand that there are things which are exclusive in this world and no person gets to be included in everything? Now they're mad that women are responding directly to the sexual assault explicitly of women? If a woman is open about her opinions or experiences, men want to silence her. Also, I wasn't about to share with either of them or the whole board that I identify with neither gender and have been asexual for decades. another argument is that not all people with vaginas or a uterus identify as a woman. I've seen a handful of black radical feminists/womanists call out the TAs for erasing them and their views which they've held for years They are being ironically racist by implying non white women don't menstruate or have female biology. let me preface this by saying I absolutely don't understand their madness so i'm going to try and explain their argument as best I can lol!

But then again, this march was very telling about white transgender people and their allies.

Using the Time To Recover From the Shock

I've basically been having a panic attack for like 2 hours. They didn't care about women before and they don't care no. My blood was about to boil. Because trans activism is mens rights activism and entriely anti woman. I wish I could cash in a year's worth of upvotes on this. If a woman is confident or isn't "humble" enough, men want to tear her down because they don't want her to feel so confident and self-assured.

Americans are lucky we can promote positivity about our bodies in a protest march.

I'm celebrating myself and my features.

I haven't been able to read all these comments but thank you all so much. I've also heard people labelling mention of a vagina as 'white feminism. ' If we can't mention our bodies when they're literally under attack, then when fucking can we? There's no long allowances for acknowledging women's, non-binary femmes, or even FTM physical experiences. If a woman speaks about her body, men want to shut her down. Why must these menstruators keep dragging their reproductive organs into this? Social constructs aren't real, tangible things - they're by their nature concepts, mêmes, replicated ideas. ".

it just sucks when the bulk of the remaining % of women unaffected by trans-specific issues don’t afford us our uniquely rightful place in women’s realities.

Because being female and acknowledging that femaleness is transphobic, duh.

To me what was amazing is that their message stayed boxed-in in their echo chamber. Even if they believe women can have penises , women also have vaginas. I fully support the trans community, I really do, but not when it means that I have to silence my own experiences and feelings, I'm not okay with it. If you identify as a woman, then you're a woman, full stop. These were women's marches, and being a woman has nothing to do with biology. A woman is someone who identifies as one, not a person with a vagina! Except vaginas and uteruses, in combination with XX chromosomes, DO make someone a woman. .