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I never get excited about the Oylmpics. But with the changes that are being made to the 2020 Olympics I can't help but get excited.
Many other changes to the Olympic schedule , mixed gender relays will be added in both athletics and swimming. Other mixed gender events will be added to table tennis and triathlon. I just meant to point out that it's a fast time, and I think that's overlooked by a lot of people. Or, if you'll allow, does that mean we can have more swimming events if we start adding physical barriers to the pool? Ok, but most swimmers can't finish freestyle faster than the Olympic athletes do for breaststroke, butterfly, etc, either. As a former swimmer I feel I need to stand up for my old sport. Like in a 50 meter pool for some events you have to swim under a bulkhead that's in the middle of the pool? I've never run a marathon, but all calculators say I'd be faster than the records I saw online. I feel like mixed gender could be really interesting.

By that logic shouldn't hurdles be removed from T&F since you're not running the fast way? Mentioning the times was just irrelevant to what I was saying because I already knew then. Butterfly in a wave pool, that's all I've ever wanted.

this is cool and all, but we still aren't getting XC added back? Isn't a different swimming form just a metaphorical barrier that requires form/technique to do so quickly? I've never done a 10k but I'm pretty sure I would be under that.

Only real concern is that it would be a lot more dangerous than an equivalent running race with a hurdle or something, because of drowning. I get what you are saying but I don't think it's quite the same. If the goal is to go the fastest why are we allowed to swim the mile/run the marathon? What I am saying swimmers already have plenty of opportunities to medal, they don't need more.

I am excited about the new track events though. Just responding to your statement of being faster than male racewalkers, nothing else implied or intended.

I've only ever done 2 half marathons, within a month of each other.

I personally never understood the point of race walking. Maybe the US team will finally be able to hold on to the baton? That's a soft PR. And if I were to do a marathon my goal would be Not so much during an olympics as there are thousands watching, but in training for it. and don't even get me started on steeple chase It includes a barrier which increases the difficulty of the "terrain" and thus requires form/technique to do so quickly. Not sure why you'd mention the time unless you were trying to dispute my claim. You've done your homework and I'll just agree to disagree about racewalking. Racewalking makes even less sense to me than multiple swimming methods, honestly. You're an excellent runner with stout PBs but these pro racewalkers are mind boggling. I am definitely faster than even male racewalkers. Most runners can't finish the distance faster than those guys do. There's nothing in the water that requires one form/technique over another. Why are your physical barriers more important than my metaphorical barriers? Said everyone on the planet who is not a race walker. They could even do a steeplechase equivalent where they have to get out of the pool and touch the back wall of the building every 5th lap or something. Good, more swimming. Ultimately the answer and the point I'm trying to make is they both come from different sporting traditions and its silly to try and compare the one to the other. Personally, I would be 100% down with this.

My 5k time is faster. You're preaching to the choir here. I didn't mean to be offensive. But race walking should be removed. You're right; I was. Evan Dunfee of Canada racewalked a marathon in 3:10:34. Exactly what the Olympics needed. It is an underrated and misunderstood sport. So it's the same concept.

The underlying point is running will NEVER have a Michael Phelps in terms of a medals record holder, because there are so many more individual and relay events than running offers, so many more distances offered with each technique. .

Freestyle BMX

Also to be added are a freestyle BMX event, the return of the Madison track cycling event for men and women, and a 3v3 basketball event. Chris Brown's looking strong in that one Tell me your joking there is not a mixed boxing event? Which of these events makes you think they'll have more than three medals? Especially the mixed boxing events. I'm all for this as long as they can keep the gender advantage in check, which it seems like they are doing by creating teams for single person sports. I am all for equal right but that is going to be a shit show. I did read it I thought I may have missed something. They're referring to mixed-gender relays with 2 men and 2 women. Also the 3-on-3 basketball should be pretty good, glad it made it to being an Olympic sport.

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